Welcome to Royal Seed Orphange  

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                                           Volunteer Program

Royal Seed Home have a renowned and proven volunteer program that  provide the experience of a lifetime in Royal Seed and Ghana! Join the more than 1,000 volunteers that have experience   with RSH for a life-changing, affordable, and safe volunteer experience.  Click here to apply. 


The Royal Seed Home (RSH) volunteer program selects and places motivated individuals to help out at the orphanage, school, and community.  We are looking for enthusiastic people with a sincere inspiration to help those in need and an interest in a unique cultural immersion.

Volunteers become an integral part of the day-to-day activities of the children and students at Royal Seed Home.  They provide relief for the overworked Ghanaian staff by caring for the children (feeding, dressing, bathing) or teaching at the school.  Volunteers can also assist in cooking meals or cleaning the property.Who?

Royal Seed welcomes all volunteers who are motivated and inspired to help others! As with any international volunteer experience, it is important to be open-minded, self-motivated, creative, patient, and flexible.  Volunteers must be 18 years of age and in reasonably good health due to the extreme heat conditions in Ghana. 

If you are interested in applying to be a volunteer, please fill out the volunteer application.


All volunteering projects begin on the first and third Monday of each month.


Volunteers provide love, support and inspiration to the children of Ofaakor while simultaneously providing much needed relief to our Ghanaian staff.  In addition to human capital, we are in dire need of financial contributions.  A portion of the volunteer fee go towards bettering Royal Seed Home by funding future projects, providing food, clean water, and medical supplies for the children, and paying current staffWhere?

Royal Seed Home is located in Ofaakor, Ghana, a small and safe village about an hour and a half drive from Accra.  Volunteers are picked up from the airport and housed in a volunteer house within walking distance of the orphanage and school.  The bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen are shared with other volunteers.



There is a one-time application/placement fee of US $200.  The application fee covers our cost of advertising, program promotion, and office expenses (rent, utilities, and staff salaries).  This fee also reserves your space.

Program fees depend on length of stay.  The program fee goes towards accommodation, all meals,  but note the volunteer have to pay his/ her airport  pickup fee which is $50 to the coordinator at the  hostel on the day of arrival .  A portion of  program fee  is been  donation to the orphanage itself. 


*We are supportive of volunteers who decide to fundraise in order to pay for their trip.  Upon request, we can provide you a fundraising letter and dossier about our activities.*

To apply to be a volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application.

If you have further questions or to learn more about RSH and our volunteer program, check out our FAQ page