Welcome to Royal Seed Orphange  

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This the project going on at the new royal seed home where we have re-located 

 on the new land which on completing  is going to house all 150 children the

The home have acquired 15 acres of land at Ofaakor-Kwaobondzi Attope 

on with the new housing of the home will be build The Orphanage  has stated contractioorphanage needs 10 of this house but we have stated with one we need more help and support has please we need all your support, and has the going  says one step at a time so please we  have stated one  from 20 13  so we need your help  In 20 15 this is how the building looks like now we need support  for  plastering ,electrical, materials plywood's for ceiling and pent's   so please help in any way you can this house is going to change the levies of hounded children both orphans and needy ones please help   

Our new project which is ongoing at Ofaakor Kwaobondzi Attope in Ghana is expected to house over 200 orphans.

The project which is being constructed on a 15 acre land would need a number of apartments to enable expansion considering the growing number of orphans under our watch.

We need your help to make sure these orphans have a home to live in moving forward and need urgent help to ensure quality education, and basic amenities for them.

Once again do channel all donations and support to our contacts provided on our web page.