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What is Royal Seed Home?

 Royal Seed Home (RSH) is a residential children?s home based in Ofaakor, Ghana, West Africa.  RSH provides food, shelter, education, is having  53 orphans and 80 community care children, in total  133 children and old aged are  under Royal Seed  care .  Royal Seed Home was founded by Naomi Esi Amoah and is registered as a non-governmental organization.


RSH was established in January of 2002 by Mrs. Naomi Esi Amoah.  Naomi had received a certificate in hairdressing and dressmaking from Price Boating Vocational Training Institute and was planning to impart her skills and knowledge to youths.  She quickly learned that the majority of her students were orphans and needy children that were unable to care for themselves or pay any school fees. Naomi decided to modify her vision and begin an orphanage.  The orphanage began with 4 children, two buildings, and dire living conditions.

Royal Seed Home and School Today:

Through donations of generous philanthropists and after a lot of hard work, Naomi and her staff have:

 - Developed a thriving orphanage caring for  53 children  80 community care.  The children?s home includes a boys and girls dormitory, shower and toilet facilities, a kitchen, and a dining hall.

- Founded the Royal Seed International School which provides basic education for nursery age students to junior high school 3.

Future Goals and Plans:

- Develop a nearby plot of farmland to become the children?s primary home.

- Expand the school

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The Royal Seed Home was started in 2002 at Odupong Ofaakor in kasoa by Ms Naome Amenyah. She was a product of Price Boating Vocational Institute (Nsawem) in the Eastern Region, where she obtained a certificate in hairdressing and dressmaking from the National Vocational Training Institute.

On successful completion of her course, she had a vision to impart the knowledge and skills she acquired to the youth.

This consequently led to the establishment of a vocational centre.

The initial phase of the vocational centre was very challenging simply because the majority of her students could not afford their fees. Ms. Naomi furnished basic equipment for the student?s practicals with limited funding.

As time progressed? she conducted investigation inquiring why her students could not pay for their fees.

She realized that most of her students were orphans or children from disadvantaged homes.

Thus, Ms Naomi accepted responsibility to care for the children. By soliciting assistance from donors and philanthropists, she ensured that each student completed their programs.

The Home aim is to better the livelihoods of the resident children at Royal Seed Home through provision of basic needs such as water, food and health care, as well as providing them with the opportunity for education and acquiring vocational skills so that they can become productive members of the local community.


In 2006 Royal Seed Home was the residence of 75 abandoned or orphaned children. The children were orphaned for various reasons including having mental or physical disabilities, lack or resources in the family or the death of parents due to AIDs. 

At this point the living standards of the orphanage were extremely poor. The orphanage had only two buildings on site; the schoolroom and the office building. All children and resident staff slept on the floor of the classroom with minimal protection from mosquitoes. 

The children very rarely had more than one meal a day and the older children often gave their food away to the younger children. The meal provided consisted only of starchy carbohydrates such as rice and pounded yam or cassava as these foods were the most readily available and cheapest. The nearest water supply was a well used by the rest of the village.

This was located half a mile away and was contaminated. There was no local fresh water supply. As a result the children were severely malnourished and had many health problems.
Schooling was sporadic, with teachers rarely coming to work as the orphanage were unable to pay their wages regularly. Furthermore the children gained little benefit from attending classes as there was normally only one text book for each subject between about 20 children.

Improvements to Royal Seed Home:

Since 2006 several major building projects have taken place to provide a more suitable environment for the children. A dormitory for the boys has been built, and a dormitory for the girls is reaching completion, both of which have bunk beds for the children. Shower and toilet blocks have been built in order to grant the older children privacy, particularly for the girls as they reach puberty. A dining hall has been constructed to introduce better hygiene at meal times, and improvements to the schoolroom have been made.

We are continuing to work towards better nourishment for the children. We have recently started a project to send over 3 monthly supplies of vitamin supplements for each child to take every day. We aim to ensure three nutritionally balanced meals a day for the children, providing them with vegetables and proteins as well as their usual carbohydrates.

Water tanks have been installed into the orphanage grounds. These are refilled on a monthly basis with fresh water. This is costly for the orphanage and requires regular donations to sustain. Despite this expense, overall the water tanks have meant that the children fall ill less often and have water easily available to them.

Future aims and Current Projects:

In order for the children to get a chance to unlock their potential both physically and mentally, Royal seed home believe that it is vital to provide them with a good education. However, it is imperative that the children?s health is of at least an average standard so they can at least stay focused, attentive and awake in school. Listed below are the projects that Orphans of Ghana are focused on.

Health care.

To provide every child with health insurance so we do not have the constant worry of death within the orphanage.

First Aid

To keep a constant supply of First Aid materials for the older members of the orphanage to address issues that would otherwise develop into serious need for attention.

Food and Water

A constant supply of food and water. This includes trying to buy land so that the children can grow their own crops and therefore, know they have a meal tomorrow.


Royal seed hope to build a school with walls, doors and tables (as opposed to sticks, no roof, no doors and little furniture). We have found land big enough to build a school and will try and raise enough money to secure the land. The children are taught by unqualified teachers and thus, we are working towards trying to find a stable income to provide the children with the framework needed to learn (teachers, materials and furniture). Furthermore, the elder children need sponsorship to attend secondary school which is not available at the moment due to lack of funding. 

If you would like anymore information on these current projects please contact us. 

Her leadership led to the birth of the Royal Seed Home 

Board of Trustees

Name: Naomi Esi Amoah

Address: C/o Post Office Box OK 207 KASOA C/R

Tel: 00233-246 335 61800233-246 335 618


Address: C/o Post Office Box SM 32 Agona- Swedru

Tel: 00233-243 156 80600233-243 156 806

Name: Festus Ashley

Address: C/o Post Office Box ok 207 KASOA C/R

Tel: 00233-208- 484 333